For 18-28 year old Young Professionals


Friday 23rd February - The Lowry Hotel - 9:15am to 4:15pm

  • What Is Your Problem With Success? with Barbara Guest of Barbara Guest

    BarbaraGuest, MBA, has over 21 years of corporate life experience latterly at Directorlevel. She now runs a successful company helping individuals and businesses toidentify and then eliminate obstacles for personal and professional success.

    09.15 Registration, Refreshments & Networking - 10.00 - 12.00 Presentation

    Each one of us can achieve anything at all that we want to - no matter what it is, but an important component of being able to do this is to believe that we can. This is the hurdle where a lot of people fall because of the sub-conscious patterns that they are running that reinforce their underlying belief that they can't have it all.

    Most of us have, at times, been unsuccessful at achieving goals in different aspects of our lives, however, repeatedly missing professional and/or personal targets can result in inaccurately labelling ourselves as 'failures'. 

    Life events can result in feelings of self-doubt, low confidence and worthlessness which, unless resolved, can eventually lead to difficulties in summoning up the energy to even try to make changes (or 'what's the point' syndrome).  Negative beliefs such as these, together with 'evidence', can form a compelling argument that supports self-sabotage and a deep-seated feeling that you cannot succeed.

    This seminar will show you how to: 

    • Identify and release negative
      beliefs which could be preventing you from achieving success including
      procrastination and self-sabotage. 

    • Eliminate fear- including fear
      of change, fear of public speaking and other business-related fears;

    • Stop running inherited behaviour

    • Boost your confidence and
      self-esteem in specific situations,

    • Discover your true blocks to
      becoming more successful and resolve them 

    • Use proven and effective
      techniques to address future issues.

    Testimonials for Barbara Guest

    ""Very useful. Not what I expected at all but the proof was in the pudding; made you want to do this all weekend!""

    ST, Marketing Director

    ""Barbara's workshop has undoubtedly helped our business both on a personal level in communicating as a team and in working towards our goals. It really made me consider the reasons for my beliefs & how to challenge negative thoughts - very useful.""

    JI, Managing Director

    ""Since I attended Barbara Guest's 'Attracting What You Want!' workshop, I've been so busy with well-paid work - it just proves that if you change your behaviour you really can get what you really want.""

    BR, Marketing Consultant

    ""EFT 2 - Well worth attending - Barbara is a good teacher and explains things in a way that I can understand. I would recommend this workshop to others""

    JR, Secretary

    ""A very useful workshop that opened up communication within the team""

    SN, Operations Director

    ""Not to be missed. Ideal at unblocking beliefs that are stopping you from achieving your goals. Very useful workshop that I would recommend to others""

    GJ, Independent Financial Advisor

    "This is the second time I have worked with Barbara using EFT to address challenges that others have described as some of the most stressful that an individual has to face. On both occasions the results that I have achieved by working with Barbara have been transformational.""

    CP, Company Owner

  • Lifting The Mask On Leadership with Ben Morton of Twentyone Leadership

    Ben Morton is an accomplished team development consultant and leadership coach. His wealth of leadership experience and expertise means he is a highly sought after, trusted advisor in all sectors from SMEs to global brands. Ben's corporate insight is enhanced by his military background, giving him a unique insight into the dynamics of successful teams and inspirational leadership.

    For further background on Ben please read more

    12.00 for Lunch and Networking - 13.15 to 15.15 for Ben's Presentation

    Why is it that some leaders are able to inspire others so much that they would risk their own lives for them, yet at the same time there are others whom we wouldn't follow to the pub?

    Fresh out of training and not yet 23 years old Ben had to ask two soldiers to do just that; lay their lives on the line in what had the potential to be the most awful of circumstances. Having spent many years reflecting on that incident and drawing on over 20 years of leadership experience he's clear that it wasn't what he did in the moment that made the difference. It was his core beliefs and actions over the preceding two years that led those two soldiers to do what he asked.

    In this seminar Ben will share with you three of his 10 principles that underpin truly inspirational leadership.

    • Leaders don't need all the answers.
    • Leadership is not about what you do, it is about who you are and the values that define you.
    • Leadership is about others, but it starts with us; a session on being at
      our best and peak productivity.

    Testimonials for Ben Morton

    "Ben gave one of the most sobering and thought-provoking lectures I've heard for a long time - what a story to finish with!"

    Barry Cox, Merlin Entertainment

    "Ben's thoughts on leadership and stories were incredibly well received. He obviously has both a passion and a natural aptitude for leadership and development."

    Christian Greenwood, Tesco

    "Having worked with Ben I have personally experienced the impact that he had on a group of individuals which left them inspired and motivated. His ability to bring to life the concept of Leadership, Resilience and how to motivate a team was indeed powerful. I know that I will be calling on your skills again."

    Jenny Hawkins, Tesco