For 18-28 year old Young Professionals


Thursday 30th November - The Lowry Hotel - 9:15am to 4:15pm

  • Microsoft Tips and Tricks with Lisa Johnson of SquareOne Training Ltd

    SquareOne Training Ltd are an internationally renowned IT Training company who create inspiring, motivational and cost effective training services which bring about tangible improvements in productivity and Unlock Hidden Potential.

    Managing Director, Lisa Johnson has been training IT Software forover 30 years and is passionate about sharing information that will genuinelymake a huge difference. She has been a guest speaker at many major events allover the world and has worked as a global supplier to many major Banks, Manufacturers, Government, Nuclear and Oil and Gas Industries. 

    09.15 Registration, Refreshments & Networking - 10.00 - 12.00 Presentation

    This session will show many shortcuts and tips
    which will help formatting documents, spreadsheets and presentations quickly. The presentation will cover:

    Microsoft Word Shortcuts and Tips

    • Learn how to write, format and edit Reports
    • Working with Paragraph Styles
    • Images
    • Section Breaks
    • Table of Contents - Indexing

    Microsoft Excel Shortcuts and Tips

    • Essential Formulae (including VLOOKUP tricks)
    • Tips on copying Formulae and Sheets
    • Conditional Formatting
    • Tables and Pivot Tables
    • Charts

    Testimonials for Lisa Johnson

    "Lisa is an excellent trainer whose style of teaching is exemplary. She made a dry subject very interesting and easy to understand. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has a skills gap."

    Christine Tunna - Individual Banking Manager at Handelsbanken

    "Lisa's enthusiasm for easy working is infectious, making her courses great fun to be on and very worthwhile. I've had the pleasure of being on some of Lisa's standard courses, and worked with her to adapt courses to our specific business needs. Everyone has delivered fantastic results that we utilise every single day to make our work easier and more efficient."

    Sarah Williams - Commercial Manager at Capenhurst Nuclear Services Ltd

    "Lisa provided myself and my Teams with Microsoft training at both Mobil Oil Co Ltd and at Henkel Ltd. Both the corporate courses and the bespoke courses were delivered in a style that ensured that my Teams left the training feeling well educated and confident at using the tools. I wouldn√Ęt hesitate to recommend her."

    Glyn Williams - Supplier Chain Manager

  • Customer Service & Communication Excellence with Nick Looby of Feet on the Ground

    Nick Looby has been delighting audiences for over a decade with his impactful humour, focused observation and his power to inspire action. He has a potent and unique approach to communication which will not only alter the way you think, but, more importantly, transform the way you act.

    Nick will inspire even the most diverse audience to take action; to think smarter, to change behaviours and to achieve greater personal and business success through the power of enhanced communication. He recently appeared on the Business Intelligence show on SKY TV, reaching an even wider audience with his communication insights.

    We become what we focus on and Nick will unleash in you the clarity and enthusiasm to drive your potential to unforeseen heights.

    12.00 for Lunch and Networking - 13.15 to 15.15 for Nick's Presentation

    This workshop is designed to enable a philosophy of constantly improving your professional services to give you the ability to affect positive change both internally and externally.

    As a service providing organisation, the way you treat your customers, clients and colleagues and their resulting feedback is an essential part of your success.

    During the workshop you will be able to enhance your people skills as we explore effective strategies for dealing with customers face to face, over the phone and across the varied electronic communication channels that we utilise on a daily basis.

    All of the skills we work on will be of value both inside and outside of the workplace including body language secrets and the art of mind reading, how to deal with the difficult characters and what to do when you can't say yes.

    The workshop is inspirational, educational and packed with added value (and fun too).  All we ask is that you come armed with an open mind, ready to embrace customer service excellence as a part of your company's culture.

    Workshop can explore the following areas - let's pick the most valuable skills and explore...

    • The Vision - Moments of truth in customer service and communication
    • Face to face expertise - Non-verbal behaviour and body language reading
    • How to communicate to win over the phone - 5 key skills
    • The art of communicating electronically - e-rapport building and Email excellence
    • Dealing with the tough stuff - beating the heat of difficult clients
    • Dealing with complaints - the opportunities and how to say no professionally

    Testimonials for Nick Looby

    "Nick Looby is one of the best presenters I have ever come across, his relaxed and informal approach works well and he always makes me sit up, listen and smile. Nick is a joy to watch and whenever I hear him speak I always learn something and apply it immediately! The best thing that Nick does is make you question the way you do things and he always gets you thinking. Simply Brilliant!"

    Hayley Roy - Managing Director -

    "Nick is so enthusiastic and bursting with energy you just cannot help but feel positive about your own abilities. This is not just for formal business presentations. It helps you in daily interaction and communication with everybody you meet."

    Colin Regan - Technology Development Specialist - BBC

    "This is a truly inspiring, creative and motivational presentation concept and one I would highly recommend to anyone who would like to boost their presentation skills and confidence."

    Jessica Lee - Founder - Star Well Being